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SAWOS® shortlisted for the economics award of Styria: “Top 5-Innovations in the state”

The Safety, Security and Work Force Management System SAWOS® is one of the Top 5 aspirants for the “Fast Forward Award”, the economics award of Styria!

In whole Europe, Styria is in the vanguard of new products, methods, and services. Each year, the most convincing innovations are rewarded with the “Fast Forward Award”, the economics award of the state of Styria.

TeleConsult Austria GmbH, a sister company of the German TeleOrbit GmbH, presented the Safety, Security and Work Force Management System SAWOS® and was shortlisted for the “Top 5-Innovations in the state” for the “Fast Forward Award”.

SAWOS® is a product of TeleConsult Austria, which meets the stated requirements on the official award-website on the whole: “Innovations cross the borderline: whoever invents something new has to negotiate the limits of imagination first. Those, who translate an idea into a product and present it to the market, overcome the boundaries of feasibility.
To keep this process alive, each year the economic department calls for the most innovative products of Styrian entrepreneurs and research facilities and rewards the “Fast Forward Award”, the economics award of the state of Styria.”

An online voting brings about the decision of who will win this coveted prize. With SAWOS® TeleConsult Austria GmbH is nominated in the category “Micro Sized Enterprises”.

We kindly ask you to support the innovative Safety, Security and Work Force Management System SAWOS® and our sister company TeleConsult Austria GmbH and to vote by following this link (please, scroll down):

Until August 6th 2014, votes can be made weekly. Among all voters will be allotted 5 x 2 exclusive VIP-tickets for the glamorous economics gala “Fast Forward Award”, which takes place on September 11th 2014 in the Graz city hall!

Thank you very much to all voters for your support!

Information on SAWOS®

On the one hand SAWOS® is the efficient technical safety net for all lone workers and on the other hand the dependable and calming system for the employer.

Therefore, SAWOS® enables staff members to take over even high-risk tasks without the relinquishment of reasonable personal safety. In combination with our GEOCorridor®-work areas and protection zones, employees are able to work within an individually designed field of work and both, employees and employers can profit from the advantages of the SAWOS®-safety function.

SAWOS® supports the assignment of personnel within factory and exhibition premises and improves the safety of staff members as well as the response time and the accuracy of operation coordination and the thus gained efficiency.

Thus, SAWOS® enables the staff members to trigger an alarm in cases of emergency or accident. Support can be called rapidly or the search and rescue mission can be coordinated very efficiently. The knowledge of the position of the employee optimizes and speeds up the assistance and rescue operation and can help to save lives.

TeleConsult Austria GmbH

The major activities of TeleConsult Austria GmbH cover the field of precise positioning and reliable navigation, particularly the areas of development and combination of navigation, telecommunication, and information technologies, and services for applications in the context of transport and mobility.

Topics of work include general management support and technical consultancy, system design and analysis, mobile computing, software development, project preparation and management, business development as well as marketing and development strategies for new products and services.

The expertise of the team members is complemented by a tremendous pool of external experts. Furthermore, the company has access to a dense network of European partners, who operate in all relevant fields of technology. Universities, research centres, industry as well as small and medium-sized enterprises are working tightly together with TeleConsult Austria.

TeleConsult Austria possesses the know-how and the required technology to solve problems by developing applications tailored to customers’ needs. International marketing and sales activities are carried out by the sister company TeleOrbit GmbH.

TeleOrbit GmbH

An experienced Locatineering© enterprise, TeleOrbit GmbH operates as a manufacturing and sales company for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and mobile positioning technologies as a core business. A highly qualified staff and the co-operation with well-known companies, as e.g. Fraunhofer IIS and TeleConsult Austria GmbH, guarantee professional and efficient solutions for SATNAV-Technologies and Locating Solutions.


TeleOrbit® supports companies by developing and realizing ideas for new proposals and projects in the field of satellite navigation. A specialist in GNSS, we bring globally available satellite technology to people – through innovative applications, products and new services for companies and their customers. GTEC© (high-end GNSS radio frequency front-end) offers up to 3 simultaneously sampled radio frequency (RF) reception chains. TOPAS© (modular GNSS HW/SW-platform) represents a perfect development environment for rapid prototyping of GNSS-based seamless positioning solutions.

Locating Solutions

TeleOrbit® elaborates customized solutions in the field of mobile locating technologies. Our competence ranges from distress call, search & rescue and assistance services for private mobility, tourism, safety and security at work to surveillance of goods transport. MODIS® (private mobility service), SAWOS® (commercial system for safety at work and security), SAR-Alpine© (alpine emergency and rescue service), GEOCorridor® (dynamic route surveillance for persons and goods) and GeoTRACKER© (GPS-based system for vehicle tracking) are professional and efficient products and services we have developed and delivered for our partners.

Business activities

TeleOrbit®‘s professional consulting services support companies from all over the world with precise positioning, navigation and communication. This includes the definition of system architecture and software development, technology analyses, market and business plan analyses as well as proposal, project and quality management for commercial, ESA (European Space Agency), and EC (European Commission) projects.

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