Consultancy services have always been part of TeleOrbit´s special service, because state-of-the art systems and complex sets of regulations have to be adapted precisely to customer´s specifications. Over the years, consultancy as a new field of business with two sections was established.


TeleOrbit® offers professional consultancy to companies from all over the world in the categories of precise positioning, navigation, communication, definition of system architecture and software development, technology analysis, market and business plan analysis, as well as proposal, project and quality management for industrial and EU projects.


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) gain ever more importance in the era of Big Data and international cooperation.
TeleOrbit® offers IPR consultancy services with a special focus on EU and ESA projects. Here, the partners have to agree on how to share existing knowledge of partners and on how to take advantage of joint results. These very complex topics as well as the protection of brands, patents, and software development afford a profound expert knowledge which is now covered by TeleOrbit GmbH.