TeleOrbit®´s brand philosophy is a composition of stand-alone offers within the core brand TeleOrbit® that focus on diverse aspects:
GIPSIE The satellite constellation and signal simulation software GIPSIE® is an effective tool for simulating the behaviour of satellite-based systems, providing reproducible scenarios.
GTEC The high-end GNSS radio frequency front-end offers up to 3 simultaneously sampled reception chains. Each RF chain can be independently pre-configured to GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou. Bandwidth, Bitwidth, sampling rate and intermediate frequency can be individually configured.
TOPAS The GNSS receiver TOPAS© is a modular HW/SW-platform for rapid prototyping, which can be easily extended. The modular hardware can be configured application-oriented and provides an option for a built-in power supply for mobile applications.
MODIS The distress call and location service for emergencies and accidents MODIS® is a modular and scalable product offer for children, elderly and outdoor sporting people. MODIS® services and user equipment are adapted to the private living environment.
SAWOS The safety, security, and work force management system SAWOS® is a modular and scalable emergency response solution for vulnerable people and lone workers. SAWOS® services and user equipment are adapted to the industrial working environment.
GEOCorridor Definition of individual safety zones and passage ways via web admission to the server. Entering or leaving of these areas will be reported automatically. GEOCorridor provides an additional safety function for the MODIS® and SAWOS® systems.
GeoTRACKER GeoTRACKER© is a GPS-based system for locating vehicles. The position detection is carried out via a mobile terminal, which is installed in the vehicle. The data can be easily visualized and evaluated through a Web application.
SAR-Alpine SAR-Alpine© is an emergency and rescue service for the Alpine range which allows the tracking of mountaineering (mountain climbers, hikers, skiers, etc.) with the aim to improve their security considerably. For rescue organizations other functions are provided to simplify and support the planning and execution of rescue operations.