TeleOrbit®´s brand philosophy is a composition of stand-alone offers within the core brand TeleOrbit® that focus on diverse aspects:
MGSE© MGSE© creates a GNSS simulation environment that provides the possibility and flexibility to use synthetically generated GNSS data and recorded real-world samples – both exactly reproducible.
MGSE© consists among others of the components GIPSIE® and MGSE©
XPLORA© The satellite constellation and signal simulation software XPLORA© is an effective tool for simulating the behaviour of satellite-based systems, providing reproducible scenarios.
MGSE©-REC The high-end GNSS radio frequency front-end offers up to 3 simultaneously sampled reception chains. Each RF chain can be independently pre-configured to GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, IRNSS/NavIC, and QZSS. Bandwidth, Bitwidth, sampling rate and intermediate frequency can be individually configured.
GOOSE© GOOSE© is a GNSS receiver with an open software interface. The platform is dedicated to software developers, mobile communication operators, and system developers. Four separate components characterize the platform: a multi-frequency GNSS antenna, an analogue-frontend board, a baseband board, and the processor system.
SARONTAR©: SARONTAR, operated by OHB Digital Solutions GmbH, is a system with live team tracking for an effective and coordinated approach in Search and Rescue operations in wilderness environments.