Jürgen Seybold

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Seybold
Managing Director
The creation of TeleOrbit GmbH was the corollary to more than 25 years of my experience in GNSS technologies, based on the elementary foundation of a serious and efficient business model, as well as a passionate interest in innovative products, visions of international strategy in partnerships and complete attention to our customers’ needs.

Our entire staff carry with the tradition of a family-run business. We stand by our company with our name and our commitment. Organic growth at home and abroad is the principle goal of our firm. Our strategy today is Best Practice which is also our total commitment for the future.

Many years of experience in the field of satellite navigation (GNSS), as both a manufacturing and a sales company, result today in efficient GNSS-technologies and mobile positioning solutions as well as practiced and experienced enthusiasm for engineering and products, which satisfy an increasing number of customers. We project, design and develop customized solutions and concepts and therefore many business-partnerships have been concluded and fulfilled. Tireless enthusiasm of both management and staff have made TeleOrbit® one of the leading companies in this line of business.

Through GNSS technology products “Made in Germany”, the introduction of the brands MODIS® and SAWOS® and consequent enhancements of strategy and products, TeleOrbit® will shortly line up with well-known brand manufacturers. Distinctions and awards acknowledge the direction and pave the way for an innovative development of our company.

Our customers and business partners receive premium products, future-proof solutions and all-inclusive services. Our customers and partners are regarded as personal guests sharing our passion. They appreciate the realization and implementation of their projects and requirements by a professional supplier.

We will be pleased to meet you and act at your request and to work with you to fulfil your requirements.

Jürgen Seybold