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SAWOS®-Alarm-PTT and SAWOS®-Alarm-SecuCAM© optimize the Safety, Security and Work Force Management System SAWOS®

SAWOS®, the Safety, Security and Work Force Management System by TeleOrbit GmbH – the winner of the Telematik Award 2013 category “Digital Companions (Digitale Begleiter)” – improves performance through two new functions!

SAWOS®-Alarm-PTT (push-to-talk) transforms any Android smart phone into a walkie-talkie and thus supports the communication between members of small groups. Voice over IP (VoIP) communication is provided for the duration of the operation to enable direct communication between group members. This technology is yet available for PCs and laptops and known as “Skype”. But with SAWOS®-Alarm-PTT the user selects the members of the group and defines who may know about them. Additionally data/communication security can be increased by SSL encryption and/or VPN channelling.

The second new function is called SAWOS®-Alarm-SecuCAM©. SecuCAM© transforms the Android smart phone into a mobile photo proof and preservation of evidence system. By pushing the SecuCAM© button, photos are made with all cameras of the smart phone and immediately sent to the SAWOS®-Server to be stored and archived. The photos once stored in the SAWOS®-Server can be used to analyse the situation after a case of emergency has occurred. SAWOS®-Alarm-SecuCAM© provides a function which is comparable to video camera recording. The big advantage of SecuCAM© is the immediate operation without additional devices, and it will be used solely in cases of emergency for surveillance and for preservation of evidence.

For TeleOrbit® it goes without saying to include technological trends and innovative extensions in the SAWOS® concept. Therefore, today’s reality was science fiction in the 80ies. Thus, SAWOS® remains a future-proof investment for our customers.

A new component of our concept is the implementation of SAWOS® alarm functions into the newest independent SmartPhoneWatches. Today, the simvalley Mobile is the one and only SmartPhoneWatch for Android on the market. It works completely independent without any connection to a smart phone.

Information on our Smartphone-App SAWOS®-Alarm

Any Android® operated smart phone can be used as a SAWOS® mobile device by installing the smart phone application SAWOS®-Alarm.

Touching the “Alarm”-screen initiates an emergency message which will be sent via mobile network (GPRS and/or SMS), or optionally via WI-FI. To prevent false alarms the transmission of the message can be stopped within a pre-defined time lag.

Inertial sensors for fall detection or automatic vigilance control generate automatically sent emergency messages.

By using SAWOS©-Professional services continuous status information is sent at fixed time intervals.

Information on SAWOS®

On the one hand SAWOS® is the efficient technical safety net for all lone workers and on the other hand the dependable and calming system for the employer.

Therefore, SAWOS® enables staff members to take over even high-risk tasks without the relinquishment of reasonable personal safety. In combination with our GEOCorridor®-work areas and protection zones, employees are able to work within an individually designed field of work and both, employees and employers can profit from the advantages of the SAWOS®-safety function.

SAWOS® supports the assignment of personnel within factory and exhibition premises and improves the safety of staff members as well as the response time and the accuracy of operation coordination and the thus gained efficiency.

Thus, SAWOS® enables the staff members to trigger an alarm in cases of emergency or accident. Support can be called rapidly or the search and rescue mission can be coordinated very efficiently. The knowledge of the position of the employee optimizes and speeds up the assistance and rescue operation and can help to save lives.

TeleOrbit GmbH

An experienced Locatineering© enterprise, TeleOrbit GmbH operates as a manufacturing and sales company for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and mobile positioning technologies as a core business. A highly qualified staff and the co-operation with well-known companies, as e.g. Fraunhofer IIS and TeleConsult Austria GmbH, guarantee professional and efficient solutions for SATNAV-Technologies and Locating Solutions.


TeleOrbit® supports companies by developing and realizing ideas for new proposals and projects in the field of satellite navigation. A specialist in GNSS, we bring globally available satellite technology to people – through innovative applications, products and new services for companies and their customers. GTEC© (high-end GNSS radio frequency front-end) offers up to 3 simultaneously sampled radio frequency (RF) reception chains. TOPAS© (modular GNSS HW/SW-platform) represents a perfect development environment for rapid prototyping of GNSS-based seamless positioning solutions.

Locating Solutions

TeleOrbit® elaborates customized solutions in the field of mobile locating technologies. Our competence ranges from distress call, search & rescue and assistance services for private mobility, tourism, safety and security at work to surveillance of goods transport. MODIS® (private mobility service), SAWOS® (commercial system for safety at work and security), SAR-Alpine© (alpine emergency and rescue service), GEOCorridor® (dynamic route surveillance for persons and goods) and GeoTRACKER© (GPS-based system for vehicle tracking) are professional and efficient products and services we have developed and delivered for our partners.

Business activities

TeleOrbit®‘s professional consulting services support companies from all over the world with precise positioning, navigation and communication. This includes the definition of system architecture and software development, technology analyses, market and business plan analyses as well as proposal, project and quality management for commercial, ESA (European Space Agency), and EC (European Commission) projects.

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