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TeleOrbit® and Beijing Autosoft JiTong Information Technologies agree upon Sales and Marketing Co-operation

TeleOrbit® and Beijing Autosoft JiTong Information Technologies agree upon a strategic co-operation in sales and marketing of SATNAV technologies in China!

Today, TeleOrbit GmbH is represented in many countries worldwide. In the course of continuous international expansion, TeleOrbit® and Beijing Autosoft JiTong Information Technologies CO., Ltd. stipulated a strategic co-operation in sales and marketing of SATNAV technologies in the People´s Republic of China.

In the segment of GNSS technologies, TeleOrbit® sets a benchmark by recording and processing all available satellite navigation data worldwide and by applying the latest verified technologies and innovations. This extremely capable and flexible high-technology will now be presented to the Chinese market in a joint action with Beijing Autosoft JiTong Information Technologies.

Beijing Autosoft JiTong Information Technologies Co. Ltd is the Sponsor of Committee for Embedded Technology of the GNSS&LBS Association of China (GLAC). Under the direction and delegation of the National Geographic Information Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and the GNSS&LBS Association of China, it sets up the GLAC Products and Software Center and the Training Center, and it has the advanced concept of the public service platform and rich experience in construction. Autosoft JiTong works hard on research, development and services for a new generation of information technology systems engineering and embedded systems technology. It provides embedded technology tool platforms and solutions to the emerging information industry, embedded industry, and public services with whole life cycle for satellite navigation and positioning industry.

Jürgen Seybold, Managing Director of TeleOrbit GmbH, will attend the GNSS and LBS Annual Exhibition in Beijing, China, from September 11th to 12th, 2014, to pay respect to the particular importance of this partnership and the Chinese market.

TeleOrbit GmbH

An experienced Locatineering© enterprise, TeleOrbit GmbH operates as a manufacturing and sales company for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and mobile positioning technologies as a core business. A highly qualified staff and the co-operation with well-known companies, as e.g. Fraunhofer IIS and TeleConsult Austria GmbH, guarantee professional and efficient solutions for SATNAV-Technologies and Locating Solutions.


TeleOrbit® supports companies by developing and realizing ideas for new proposals and projects in the field of satellite navigation. A specialist in GNSS, we bring globally available satellite technology to people – through innovative applications, products and new services for companies and their customers. GTEC© (high-end GNSS radio frequency front-end) offers up to 3 simultaneously sampled radio frequency (RF) reception chains. TOPAS© (modular GNSS HW/SW-platform) represents a perfect development environment for rapid prototyping of GNSS-based seamless positioning solutions.

Locating Solutions

TeleOrbit® elaborates customized solutions in the field of mobile locating technologies. Our competence ranges from distress call, search & rescue and assistance services for private mobility, tourism, safety and security at work to surveillance of goods transport. MODIS® (private mobility service), SAWOS® (commercial system for safety at work and security), SAR-Alpine© (alpine emergency and rescue service), GEOCorridor® (dynamic route surveillance for persons and goods) and GeoTRACKER© (GPS-based system for vehicle tracking) are professional and efficient products and services we have developed and delivered for our partners.

Business activities

TeleOrbit®‘s professional consulting services support companies from all over the world with precise positioning, navigation and communication. This includes the definition of system architecture and software development, technology analyses, market and business plan analyses as well as proposal, project and quality management for commercial, ESA (European Space Agency), and EC (European Commission) projects.

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