“Raise your eyes: The sky has no limits.”
Japanese proverb

The quest for innovative solutions and for brand values are the sources of our success. Thus we act to ensure innovation and the long-term raising of our brand values. The future is based on the origin. Our entrepreneurial decisions are always based on mature competences and values, from those we derive our visions and goals.

Our success is based on the GNSS-product families GIPSIE®, GTEC© and TOPAS© as well as our positioning solutions MODIS® and SAWOS®. Our products and brands are symbols of confidence and innovation. To be close to our consumers we are represented by many agencies abroad. From the very beginning, we worked actively on international expansion and to develop stronger foreign markets. Thus we convince customers from all over the world and make their wishes come true in the field of efficient and premium GNSS and positioning solutions – by implementing innovative,  and established and proven equipment of our leading brands as well as compelling customized products and individual solutions and concepts.

Individuality encourages flexibility.

Whenever you prefer a choice from our fund of off-the-shelf quality products or you prefer custom-made solutions – TeleOrbit® is your efficient and reliable partner. Today, our brands are a synonym for their market segment. A great number of our projects for our customers from all over the world are a synonym for our competence. Due to our global activities, we can offer our products in an increasing number of countries around the world and we react not only in sales activities but also on cultural characteristics. We respond quickly to the differing dynamics of regional markets and use the synergies between countries.

TeleOrbit GmbH. To have just principles is not the point – the only question is which ones.