The Safety, Security und Work Force Management System SAWOS® improves the safety of persons and goods. With SAWOS® TeleOrbit® has won the coveted Telematik Award 2013 in the category “digital companion”.

SAWOS® supports persons in organizing their work days in a safe and comforting way. Inspection tours, area surveillance, guarding of premises, security checks or other kinds of risky activities – SAWOS® encourages the concentrated coping with tasks including the perfect dose of safety – just in case. If ever an emergency takes place or reinforcement is needed, with SAWOS® you simply press the button!

Thus, SAWOS® enables persons to move in a free and easy way and to concentrate on their jobs without limitation of quality of life or of their freedom of movement.

Additionally, SAWOS® is the perfect security system to protect valuable goods effectively and dependably.

SAWOS® supplies “safe” contentedness to everybody involved and therefore implies a win-win-situation for staff members, customers and service suppliers.

Target groups and solutions for business lines

  • Animals arrow_black MODIS®-Pet
  • Armed forces arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Building companies arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Car park services arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Construction machinery industries arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Construction machinery lessors arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Container services arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Energy supplying companies arrow_black SAWOS®-PNA
  • Facility Management arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Fire brigades arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamCall
  • Forestry arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Haulage companies arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Individuals/lone workers arrow_black MODIS®
  • Insurances arrow_black SAWOS®-YachtGuard
  • Marinas arrow_black SAWOS®-YachtGuard
  • Mobility of persons arrow_black MODIS®
  • Safety and guard services arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Safety at work arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamLocator
  • Service vehicles arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Surveillance of goods arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Technical emergency service arrow_black SAWOS®-TeamCall
  • Tourism arrow_black MODIS®
  • Transport surveillance arrow_black GeoTRACKER©
  • Yacht manufacturers arrow_black SAWOS®-YachtGuard
  • Yacht charterer arrow_black SAWOS®-YachtGuard

SAWOS® offers the ideal concept to safeguard persons and goods. SAWOS® provides a variety of alternatives adjustable to the client’s individual needs – from small and cost-efficient solutions to highly complex security concepts. Special devices developed for this range of use allow SAWOS® users to keep track of their daily routines.

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