GeoTRACKER© provides support to self-employed persons and car or truck fleet owners with regard to order and fleet management and route recording.

GeoTRACKER© is a GPS-based system for vehicle localisation. A mobile device which is installed inside the vehicle catches the position data. These data can easily be visualized and analysed with the GeoTRACKER© web application. Here, positions and routes can be clearly represented in a road map or a satellite image.

Target groups

  • Self-employed persons
    Clearly identifiable recordings of operating and non-operating periods (business/private), of covered distance or actual speed
  • Car or truck fleet owners
    Improvement of fleet management through tracking of transports


  • Increase of safety through rapid and easy localization
  • Misuse protection through driver identification and theft prevention
  • Improvement of order management through route recording and digital driver’s logbook
  • Legal coverage in accidents through documentation of actual speed and duration of breaks (having regard to privacy)
  • User-friendly operation of devices and web application
  • Compact devices at reasonable prices
  • Modular system for flexible pricing

GeoTRACKER© offers the ideal concept to safeguard self-employed persons in the field and drivers working with fleet owners (crafts persons, machinery syndicates, messenger services, etc.). GeoTRACKER© provides a variety of alternatives adjustable to the client’s individual needs – from small and cost-efficient solutions to highly complex security concepts including driver identification and theft prevention.

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