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Last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, our COO attended a conference organised by ESA and hosted by the Science Museum in London.

Both days were dedicated to space, learning more about the ISS and all the valuable research that has been carried out in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in the past +15 years. Not only did the audience learn about space, they also enjoyed presentations from members of various different business sectors and learned about the positive effects, space exploration and research had on their specific branch.

Some important insights into the current and future events and undertakings were presented by key businessmen and –women such as

Ian Blatchford, Director and Chief Executive of the Science Museum Group

David Willetts, Chair of the British Science Association – Trustee, Science Museum Group

Johann-Dietrich Woerner, Director General, ESA

Sam Scimeni, Director for International Space Station, NASA

Takashi Hamazaki, Director General of Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate, JAXA

David Parker, Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, ESA

Luca Del Monte, Office for Relations with Industry, ESA

Maria van der Hoeven, Former Minister of Economics, and Minister of Science and Education, The Netherland

Jean-Claude Worms, CEO, European Science Foundation

and many more, including active astronauts Luca Parmitano and Timothy Peake

You can find the full program on the dedicated conference website.

A quote from the website:

We did welcome leaders from both within and outside the space community – coming together to discuss the broader implications of space-based research. This was an event for those working at the forefront of science and technology on Earth and who want to learn how the laboratory of space could help them address their challenges – practically and affordably.

Alongside colleagues from international space agencies and space-focused businesses, the event appealed to scientists, politicians, academics, journalists, public servants and representatives from the private sector – indeed, any organisation with an interest in science, engineering or public policy. Hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, the event appealed to a truly global audience, and this is reflected the choice of London: a city with excellent air links.

Now we want to share many different things with you, videos, apps and some more insight into the space community since a lot that happens “out there” is truly breathtaking. If you’re interested tweets from the conference, you can check out Daniel’s Twitter account as well as search for the hashtag #space4inspiration.

Enjoy and be curious!

Personal webpages of Astronauts Luca Parmitano and Tim Peake:

“Medical doctor Beth Healey had the chance to live the adventure of a lifetime. The European Space Agency offered her to travel to Antarctica and spend over a year at the Concordia station. Mission: to conduct research experiments on the international crew for future human spaceflight missions.” Check out the videos!

ISS Research Explorer – dive into all the scientific experiments that have been conducted on the ISS:

Inspiring video no. 1: ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst took ca. 12500 pictures during his stay on the ISS:

Inspiring video no. 2: ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen talks about his fascination for space and about the effects of human spaceflight on our lives:

More inspiring and educational videos:

More pictures from the conference:

An interesting report about “NewSpace – New Business Models at the Interface of Space Industry and Digital Economy”, put together by SpaceTec Capital Partners.