Active Dual Circularly Polarized GNSS Antenna (DCP GNSSA)

The DCP GNSSA is an active antenna for positioning, surveying and navigation that receives both the RHCP and LHCP signals simultaneously and with a high isolation.
It covers all GNSS frequencies in L band, shows excellent performance in open-sky environments and clearly detects signals which have been corrupted by diffraction and reflections. The antenna can also be mounted in a customer-specific housing.


Technical Data


Parameter Value
Passband 1160 – 1300 MHz and 1525 – 1610 MHz
Passive zenith gain >4 dBic
Gain roll-off zenith to 10° elevation <10 dB
Gain difference zenith and -45° elevation or below >20 dB
Axial ratio (10 – 90° elevation) <5.6 dB (XPD 10 dB)
Noise figure <2.2 dB
Active antenna gain (overall) >38 dBic
Passband ripple <2dB in each 30 MHz
VSWR output connector <1.7:1
Supply voltage (provided via RHCP and/or LHCP output) 5 VDC ±10%
DC current max. 300 mA via RHCP or LHCP, or 2 × 150 mA on both RHCP and LHCP
Connector type RHCP and LHCP outputs TNC
Connector type calibration signal input SMA
Dimensions (outer diameter and total height) 170mm and 100 mm
Weight 0.485 kg

Measured Radiation Patterns:


Technology licensed by Fraunhofer IIS

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