The success of realized projects which resulted in innovative systems and in for experts valuable products of highest quality, proves TeleOrbit® a reliable partner in realizing future-proof technology. This is a sample of our current activities:
smash: smart assisted secure home smash: smart assisted secure home
Located in Nuremberg, Bavaria, this network is connecting smart home elements with AAL (ambient assisted living) to result in intelligent future living. The participants work on combining four components: health care, real estate, and e-commerce as well as leisure time and social activities. An easy-to-operate platform will be available for the users.
NAMES© is the network project where TeleOrbit GmbH works together with the smash partners ACX GmbH and Fraunhofer IIS. Together, they are developing an indoor positioning solution by using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. Hence, MODIS® can also be operated as an in-house emergency call system.
mobQdem - gut alt werdenmobQdem: Mobilität im Quartier trotz Demenz (mobility in familiar quarters despite dementia)
This Baden-Württemberg project supports persons suffering from dementia to stay in their familiar residential environment and to participate autonomously in everyday life. Since February 2015, TeleOrbit GmbH is the technology partner of the team. Individually designed habitual areas can be defined for each participant in the project. They are equipped with a MODIS®-device that automatically sends an alarm as soon as the defined areas are left. Additionally, the devices send continuous position information that can be used to track and locate the user.
TEDIMA (Technik und Dialog im Alter)-LogoTEDIMA: Technik und Dialog im Alter (technology and dialogue for the elderly)
This innovation forum in South Thuringia was set up by EurA innovation GmbH. In summer 2015, TeleOrbit joins the syndicate. All members agree on developing an easy to use platform for information and communication for the aging population in rural areas. There will be a restricted area social contacts (data protection). MODIS® will be integrated into the platform as emergency call system.
ESA Logo smallESA-Projekt
«MGSE: Multi-GNSS Simulation & Test Environment»
ESA Contract No.: 4000116130
TeleOrbit GmbH (prime contractor)
Fraunhofer-IIS (subcontractor)
TeleConsult Austria GmbH (subcontractor)
MGSE extends the existing GNSS technology products GIPSIE® from GPS and Galileo towards GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, and IRNSS constellations and GTEC© to provide L- and S-Band recording and replaying.
MGSE creates a GNSS simulation environment that provides the possibility and flexibility to use: synthetically generated data and recorded real-world samples – both exactly reproducible.
MGSE considerably improves the development, qualification, and certification process of GNSS receivers within the development phases and during validation/certification in end-to-end tests.
MGSE creates a GNSS simulation environment that consists of:

  • MGSE GIPSIE®: Synthetically generated data
  • MGSE GTEC©: Recording Unit: Received real-world GNSS data
  • MGSE GTEC©: Replay Unit: Digital GNSS IF or analog RF data