GIPSIE® GNSS multi-system performance simulation environment

GIPSIE is a highly flexible and powerful GNSS simulation environment that provides the possibility to generate simulated GNSS constellations and IF signals for various user-defined scenarios including complex trajectories and environments. All settings can be made within an easy-to-read configuration file or within the user-friendly and simple graphical user interface. The simulated signals can be used for evaluation of SDR receivers and GNSS applications and – in combination with a suitable RF signal generator – the evaluation of any hardware-based GNSS receiver is possible as well.

The system is composed of the following software modules:
– Orbit integration module based on earth gravitational model including gravitational effects of sun and moon
– Simulation of complete GNSS constellations including all satellites based on default almanac or accurate ephemeris information and clock parameters
– Simulation of accurate atmospheric models for ionospheric and tropospheric delays
– Simulation of user-defined receiver antenna characteristics including reception gain patterns and multipath effects
– Navigation message simulation based on GNSS ICDs or customized user-defined message formats
– IF signal simulation based on the constellation updates with userdefined update rate and bandwidth
– 100% reproducible noise and signal degradation simulations
– Graphical user interface
– Comprehensive data logging of all intermediate results for detailed analyses and debugging support

Key features

  • Simulation of multi-system, multi-frequency scenarios
  • – GPS: L1 C/A, L1 C (planned), L2 CM/CL, L5 I/Q
  • Galileo: E1 OS (B/C), E5a, E5b, E5 (I/Q)
  • – GLONASS: G1 C/A, G2 C/A
  • BeiDou: B1 (I/Q), B2 (I/Q)
  • – NavIC: L5 SPS (I/Q), S Band SPS (I/Q)
  • – QZSS: L1 C/A, L2 C, LEX
  • – SBAS: L1 C/A
  • Bandwidth: up to 100 MHz
  • Constellation Update Rate: up to 1000 Hz
  • Resolution: up to 2×16 bit (complex I/Q)

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