SAR-Alpine© (Search and Rescue Services for Alpine Leisure Activities) is an emergency and rescue service for the Alpine range which allows the tracking of Alpine sportspersons (mountaineers, hikers, skiers, etc.) to considerably improve their safety. Privacy protection and the German regulations on data protection are regarded.

Automatically, the server generates emergency information, if the user cannot be tracked within a pre-defined time period. In accidents or cases of emergency mountain rescue services will be informed rapidly.

SAR-Alpine© supports search and rescue services by supplying the position of the victim/injured, if available. Otherwise, information is transmitted to reconstruct the route of the user.

Alpine tourists need to have a mobile/smart phone featuring the following:

  • Positioning through GPS at pre-defined time-intervals (GNSS)
  • Transmitting of position data to the SAR-Alpine© service centre (GPRS/GSM)
  • Transmitting of emergency information to the SAR-Alpine© service centre (GPRS/GSM)
  • An emergency button or a smartphone alarm app to trigger and transmit an alarm
  • Automatic identification of emergencies by using accelerometers (fall detection)

SatCom/WIFI can be installed at remote mountain huts. Thus, Alpine tourists, who are equipped with a. m. mobile phones, can use internet and send data, if there is no GSM infrastructure to transmit position and route data.

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