MODIS®, the private mobility system, increases the safety of persons of all ages in all life’s situations.

The challenge is to focus on the personality and on life with all its facets, to offer individual space for development without neglecting a high degree of need for safety.

MODIS® assists people to organize their daily lives independently, calmly and safely. Going for a walk, on an excursion, during a shopping tour, on the way to the hairdresser, the café, the cinema or to school – MODIS® encourages the individual, independent and unfettered expression of personality without disregarding a high degree of safety. If ever an emergency takes place or assistance is needed, with MODIS® you simply press the button!

MODIS® contributes in an innovative and appropriate way to the development and expression of the personality of individuals. Thus, MODIS® enables persons to move in a free and easy manner and to concentrate on their daily routines without limitation of quality of life or of their freedom of movement. MODIS® supplies “safe” contentedness to everybody involved.

By the way, MODIS® is technically related to our Safety, Security und Work Force Management System SAWOS®. With SAWOS® TeleOrbit® has won the coveted Telematik Award 2013 in the category “digital companion”.

Target groups

  • Children
    Safety in the city, in the countryside, on the way to school, to the playground, to sports, to meet friends, etc.
  • Leisure activities and sportspersons
    Safety in the city, while enjoying nature or being far from civilisation, while running, hiking, walking, mountain biking, skiing, horse or bicycle riding, etc.
  • The 50+ age group
    Safety for elderly people or people with chronic diseases, when they are alone on their way


  • Improvement of safety through simple and rapid alert
  • Rapid assistance in emergency through knowledge of position/route
  • User-friendly operation of devices and web access
  • Automatic alert due to position of device and pre-defined protection areas
  • Manually or automatically triggered alarms (fall detection, automatic vigilance function, etc.)
  • Individual solutions tailored to customer’s needs based on a great variety of devices and flexible services

MODIS® offers the ideal concept to safeguard persons of all ages. MODIS® provides a variety of alternatives adjustable to the client’s individual needs – from small and cost-efficient solutions to highly complex security concepts. Special devices developed for this range of use allow MODIS® users to keep track of their daily routines.

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